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Plumbing Solutions
Whether you are hard at work or relaxing at home, enjoy uninterrupted performance from your utilities with thorough sewer cleaning and plumbing services from Value Rooter in South Berwick, Maine. With more than 40 years of combined experience between our technicians, we are well-trained to keep everything in your environment up and running for your assured comfort.
Meeting All of Your Modern-Day Needs
A clogged or broken drain can be a big hassle. With help from Value Rooter, your stressful situation turns into a minor affair with an easy fix. Our dependable staff comes to your location to provide the necessary services that will get your utilities back into working condition.
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Septic Plumbing
Every home or office’s plumbing system is different. To detect where your building’s underground utilities are located, we perform a line-locating service. We also provide video camera inspection, which involves us gathering information about the condition of the sewer line through videos that are converted to DVDs. This service is especially helpful if we need to clean out your main sewer line due to a stoppage.

Another reason you could be experiencing a stoppage is because of frozen or clogged drains. Turn to our expert plumbers to thaw out or unclog your drains, so you can get back to enjoying your hot showers. For the really tough clogs, we provide power snaking and high-pressure water jetting.

To help you avoid future clogs, Value Rooter offers a grease trap pumping service to haul away your grease and waste for proper disposal. Even if you require a complete septic pump replacement, no job is too big for our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

A replacement may be necessary if damage occurs to your septic tank because overflow and drainage issues can occur. You’ll save yourself from needing future costly repairs by getting a new septic pump as soon as possible.

Excavation and Locating service
We can identify internal and external drain clogs and provide complete service including video inspection of pipes, locate the pipe in your yard, excavate to expose pipes and repair without subcontracting to an excavation company. We leave your property safe and beautiful.
Contact us to maximize your comfort at minimized costs by ordering our budget-friendly plumbing services.